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Self Directed Brokerage


Click-to-trade investing:

  • Real-time trading
  • 24/7 portfolio management
  • E-statements
  • US stocks, options, ETFs and preferreds
  • User-friendly, secure platform


Butterfield is pleased to offer exclusive, free access to our secure online trading platform. You can research, trade and manage your investments anytime, anywhere you have a secure Internet    connection.  You can obtain real-time quotes, set watch lists and peruse market updates and company       and industry news.


Easily trade US equities and ETFs and options, and obtain instant access to your account balances, transaction history and trade confirmations.


The breadth of investment choices affords you viturally limitless opportunities to build a diversified  portfolio that's designed to meet your personal objectives.


In addition, you'll enjoy the flexibility of using your account margin to cover trades in 15 currencies at competitive rates.


And, although you're investing for yourself, you'll never be investing by yourself.  Our dedicated team of Butterfield investment professionals is available when you need them, by phone, e-mail or in person.     You can invest confidently know you are backed by local experts and Butterfield's commitment to service excellence.


For more information:
please e-mail, or call us on (441) 299 3817.





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Available Funds

Click here for a listing of investment funds available through Butterfield Self Directed Brokerage Online.

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