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US Dollar Bond Fund


To maximise the total return whether through income or capital gains by investing in medium to high- grade U.S. dollar denominated debt securities.


Investment Strategy

  • Duration neutral with a yield enhancing approach through sector and credit diversification.
  • Invests in all fixed income sectors and the entire investment grade spectrum (AAA-BBB).


This fund is rated AA-f for credit risk and S2 for volatility by Standard & Poor's. The credit rating indicates very strong protection against losses from credit defaults. The S2 volatility rating indicates moderate sensitivity to changing market conditions. These funds possess an aggregate level of risk that is less than or equal to that of a portfolio comprised of government securities maturing within three to seven years and denominated in the base currency of the fund.


Risk/Return Profile: Moderate risk/Moderate return


Minimum Investment Required: USD 10,000


Features and Benefits

  • Higher yields, reduced volatility: our yield enhancement strategy for this fund provides consistent and stable returns over the long-term while reducing short-term volatility. The fund provides higher      returns than cash or short-term instruments without a significant increase in risk.
  • Diversified portfolio maximises performance: our yield enhancement strategy also focuses on using all of the fixed income sectors to maximise returns, including agencies, sovereigns, mortgage-backed securities and asset-backed securities, corporates and floating rate notes.
  • Short-medium-term maturity profile: the duration of the fund is approximately three years and maturity is five years.
  • Weekly liquidity, easy access: this fund trades weekly every Wednesday and funds are available the following Wednesday. Wire transfers are available.
  • Cost effective management: this fund provides access to the US dollar bond market with low costs, and there are no front- or back-end loads; management fee of 0.50% (50 basis points).


Potential Risk Return: Moderate risk/ Moderate return


Income Distribution: Quarterly Dividend


Management Fee: 0.50%





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