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Global Blue Chip Fund


To achieve long-term capital growth in the value of assets, which are benchmarked against a portfolio of 100% global blue chip equities. “Blue chip” is defined as an internationally recognised company, often the leader in its field, with a lengthy history of profit growth and quality management.


Investment Strategy

Investments are selected from a universe of 10 global industry sectors based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative factors. The style may be categorised as a combination of growth and value. The portfolio's exposure to any given sector is determined by both macro-economic and valuation considerations and with reference to the sector's weight within a broad global index of over 1400 companies and 23 countries.


The Fund holds a diversified portfolio of US and International stocks. Management's strategy is to keep the Fund fully invested at all times except at market extremes, when it may elect to hold a portion in   cash or cash equivalents.


Risk/Return Profile: High risk/High return


Minimum investment required: USD 5,000


Features and Benefits

  • Diversified, high-grade investments for long-term capital appreciation: long-term capital growth, as well as accumulation of investment income, through portfolio of blue chip securities over a minimum period of five years.
  • Low initial and subsequent investment:
    • USD Initial investment of USD 5,000
    • Subsequent minimum investments of USD 1,000
  • Cost efficient management: the total management and custody fees combined are 1.00% per annum of the net asset value of the fund.


Potential Risk Return: High risk/ High return


Income Distribution: Not applicable


Management Fee: 1.00%





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Sales Restrictions

Please read the sales restrictions disclaimer


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