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International Balanced Fund

Butterfield International Balanced Fund - US Dollar Class


To achieve long-term capital growth while exposing the investor to a relatively low level of risk.


Investment Strategy
Stocks are selected primarily from a universe of global industry leaders, which Management believes to have attractive valuations relative to their long term earnings potential. The style may be categorised as a combination of growth and value. Bonds are selected from the respective investment grade with emphasis on AAA to A-rated issuers across a range of industries. The overall interest-rate exposure (or duration) of the portfolio is determined with reference to an index of 1 to 5 year bonds.

The target asset allocation for the Fund is 60% stocks and 40% bonds. Management's strategy is to keep the Funds invested at these levels except during market extremes, when it may elect to hold a portion    in cash or cash equivalents.


Risk/Return Profile: Moderate risk/Moderate return


Benefits and Features

  • Diversified portfolio reduces risk while maximising returns: a combination of global investments (money market instruments, eurobonds, domestic government bonds and world equities) and broad geographic spread gives this fund enough diversification to reduce risk and maximise returns.
  • Long-term, consistent accumulation and investment of income: this fund is particularly suited for investors seeking long-term capital appreciation over a minimum period of five years.
  • Cost efficient management: management and custody fees combined are currently .65% per annum of the net asset valuation, which includes the Investment Adviser's and Trustee's fees. There are no extra transaction costs or fees charged by BAM for dividend/income collection. The fund bears all operating, brokerage and out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Low initial and subsequent investment:
    • Initial investment of USD 5,000
    • Subsequent minimum investments of USD 1,000
  • Weekly trading, easy access: valuations are circulated at the close of business each Tuesday and dealing occurs each Wednesday.


Potential Risk Return: Moderate risk/ Moderate return


Income Distribution: Not applicable


Management Fee: 0.65%






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