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Discretionary Investment Management



Asset Management forms part of our overall Wealth Management service whereby Relationship Managers and Investment Managers work with you to ascertain your initial and ongoing investment objectives, investment time horizon, attitude to risk and income and liquidity requirements. An investment strategy and portfolio is then constructed and managed accordingly.



When it comes to the investment of your wealth, you will want to entrust it to a team of highly experienced managers who will look after your money with skill and vision, as carefully and prudently as if it was their own. We use the expertise of the entire Butterfield Group to determine and construct investment strategy, asset allocation and sector and stock selection within each investment strategy. Portfolios are constructed from a balance of direct equities and/or equity funds and fixed interest investments and/or funds. Our comprehensive and continuous approach to portfolio management creates the flexibility for us to populate portfolios with the assets most appropriate to your individual requirements. These can range from in-house investment funds through to third-party collective investment vehicles and direct equities.



The first, vital step is an initial meeting to discuss your investment requirements, goals and attitudes. For example, are you looking for growth, for income or a combination of the two? What level of risk is acceptable?


Then, working within your guidelines – and after a comprehensive review of the prevailing economic conditions, plus market and currency trends – we will use our disciplined approach to devise an investment strategy to match your needs.


Thereafter, we will provide you with detailed, regular reports on the progress of your portfolio, both in face value and against the relevant composite benchmark. These reports will also include a detailed valuation of your holdings.


You are, of course, free to contact us about your investments at any time. If you would like to know more about any aspect of your portfolio, simply call us and ask. Alternatively, if you want us to amend your strategy to take account of any changes in your circumstances, attitudes or goals, simply let us know.



Our investment professionals understand that you may have many tax considerations to address. Our history of working with international clients means that we have significant experience in the practical implementation of tax planning techniques. We will be happy to work with your tax advisor to ensure the right information is available to meet your individual tax reporting requirements.



  • A dedicated Relationship Manager
  • A proactively managed portfolio of investments, carefully designed to match your needs
  • Strategy can easily be adapted to your changing needs
  • Detailed quarterly reports, showing performance against the relevant composite benchmark
  • Utilisation of Butterfield Group investment expertise







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