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Monthly Fund Reports

Following are the monthly fund updates for May 2012.




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​ Bermuda Fund


        Bermuda Fund Update



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​ Money Market Fund


        USD Class Update

        CAD Class Update

        EUR Class Update

        GBP Class Update



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    BNY Mellon Butterfield Income Advantage Fund

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​  Global Blue Chip Fund
        Global blue Chip Fund Update

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​ International Balanced Fund
        International Balanced Fund Update

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​Select Fund


        Select Fund Alternative Update

        Select Fund Equity Class Update

        Select Fund Iixed Income Update



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​ Select Invest  - May reports not available, atest reports are for April


         Select Invest - Cautious Fund

         Select Invest - Conservative Fund
         Select Invest - Balanced Fund
         Select Invest - Growth Fund
         Select Invest - Dynamic Fund



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​  US Dollar Bond Fund


         US Dollar Bond Fund Update