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Money Market Fund

A full list of the Money Market Fund’s holdings is available here.


To seek as high an overall rate of return as is consistent with maintaining liquidity and security of


Investment Strategy

  • Target high quality short-term money market instruments.
  • Provide the highest possible yield while minimising risk.


Key Benefits

  • Offers the highest liquidity.
  • Superior capacity to maintain principal value and limit exposure to loss.
  • Management fee of only 35 basis points*
  • No front-end or back-end loads


Our locally managed Money Market Fund is rated AAAm by Standard & Poor's (S&P); it is the highest
rating offered by S&P. The definition of an AAAm money market fund states: "Safety is excellent.
Superior capacity to maintain principal value and limit exposure to loss".


Risk/Return Profile: Low risk/Low return


Minimum Investment Required: USD 10,000 (or equivalent in CAD or GBP)


Features and Benefits

  • Four different currencies offered: USD, CAD and GBP, all of which provide very competitive
  • Daily liquidity, easy access: the fund redeems on every Bermuda business day and settles the same
    day for US and Canadian dollars; GBP settles the next day. If we receive instructions for
    wire, draft or redemption from a US or Canadian class before 10:30 a.m. Atlantic Time, via fax or in
    person, your money is available that afternoon. Fax redemptions are accepted subject to an indemnity form being completed.
  • Cost-effective management: there are no load or transaction fees; management fee of 0.35% (35
    basis points).*
  • Short weighted average maturity: Approximately 30 days


Potential Risk Return: Low risk/ Low return


Income Distribution: Not applicable


Management Fee: 0.35%*




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Sales Restrictions

Please read the sales restrictions disclaimer


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